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February 28, 2023 /  Marble

Is Marble Flooring the Right Option to Choose?

One of the most important aspects of any building is the flooring. The flooring gives the building character and a personality of its own. Picking the right flooring is crucial and depends on various aspects such as aesthetics, budget, maintenance, etc. There are multiple options to choose from. One can go for natural stone floorings such as marble or choose ceramic tiles. You can even go with wooden flooring.

For countless years, marble, which is quarried in hilly areas of the world, has been a particular favourite construction material. This material is a high-end, opulent choice for interiors. Marble has been featured in the houses of royalty, and nobility and definitely adds an air of grandeur, elegance and beauty to any home. But compared to ceramic tile and other kinds of natural stone, marble flooring needs more upkeep and is more prone to damage.

Marble is very popularly used for residential as well as commercial buildings. They feature as flooring, wall tiles and table or countertops. No one can deny that marble and all other types of stone and ceramic tiles are notoriously chilly. However, marble also functions admirably as a substrate for radiant floor heating systems, which have hydronic tubing or electrical cabling through the underlayment. This can transform a typically cold flooring material into one that is incredibly cosy.

But is marble flooring right for you? Before we go ahead any further, let's get into the basic pros and cons of marble flooring.

Marble flooring adds an air of regality to your home. It adds great value, both in terms of social standing as well as monetary property value. It elevates the status from ordinary to premium. Marble is a natural product and can be easily polished.

However, there are a few cons to using marble flooring. One is that as it is a porous stone marble requires sealing. Marble scratches and stains easier than other flooring materials. Marble flooring also tends to be slippery and brittle which can lead to injuries.

Nothing showcases class like marble flooring however it does have its limitations as discussed above. If you’re looking for marble for your flooring, you have come to the right place! Tirupati has multiple options of marble to choose from.