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October 19, 2022 /  Marble

How to Choose the Finest Marble for your Floors?

Your home should always be a place you want to go back to. It should reflect aspects of yourself, your dreams, your aspirations and should be your safe space. So why not make sure you use the right kind of look for it? No matter what part of your home you’re looking at, be it the bedroom, bathroom, or living room, marble elevates the vibe of your home. It’s an aura of timeless luxurious appeal. Tirupati offers the finest Italian marble available in the market and is perfect for marble flooring and floor designs. Our team can help you choose the perfect slabs and marble designs that bring a sense of regal beauty to your home. Choosing the right slab is an integral part of the process.

So how to choose the best marble?

Every marble slab at Tirupati is sourced from the best quarries and goes through a rigorous process of polishing and shining. We have a breathtaking variety of marble.

Choose a marble with high shine. Italian marble is naturally lustrous. It adds an air of luxury and elegance. Choose a marble that adds to the overall look of the room. You want something that aesthetically enhances and accentuates the rest of the furniture and decor. Remember, this is a long-term investment so you want to choose something that is timeless.

Every marble slab is different and has an inpidual internal chemical build. Hence not all marbles work for all applications. Our team has the expertise to help you choose the perfect slab based on what you want to use it for.

Select a stone that is less attuned to abrasion. This will ensure that the floor is less prone to scratches and will shine longer. Marble flooring perfectly fills this bill.

If you want a white marble slab then Ice White is the perfect option. If white is not a colour that works for you, then Tirupati has many exotic colours and the finest Italian marble slabs to choose from.